Corporate Wellness

A healthy workforce is intrinsically linked to the success of an organisation and is increasingly a key factor in improved workplace productivity.

Some of the biggest issues affecting productivity amongst workforces today include low energy, high levels of stress, poor sleep and compromised mental wellbeing. As such, both nutrition & lifestyle choices play an integral role in work performance and engagement.

This year has presented its own challenges for businesses and employees alike, having to adapt to new ways of working & maintaining morale at a distance. Your employees make up your company & the more care you show them, the happier they will be - resulting in improved work quality, reduced sick days and greater staff retention. 

So why hire a Registered Nutritional Therapist? 

Working with a Nutritional Therapist has the ability to motivate and inspire your entire workforce, creating instant benefits that are long lasting. Through empowering workshops, on-site nutritional consultations, company wide health & vitality programmes, a nutritional therapist helps to promote wellbeing and lets your employees take control of their health.

Alicia is also the Owner of Lifebox - one of the leading health & wellbeing subscription boxes in the UK. Lifebox has partnered with many corporate businesses since launching over 7 years ago, helping to inspire thousands of employees to make healthy choices and increase workplace morale. By providing their staff with healthy snack boxes, delivered to your office or to their homes. 

Previous clients include: 

About Alicia:

Alicia, DIP-NT, mBANT, CNHC, is a registered Nutritional Therapist with an achievable approach to nutrition and wellness. 

Alicia has over 8 years experience in the food industry, working for the likes of Waitrose Kitchen Magazine, Propercorn, Harvey Nichols & has been featured in Stylist Magazine & the Independent. 

Alicia has a realistic approach to health and wellbeing & is specialised in helping companies to get the best from their employees. By creating a bespoke programme for each company, Alicia is able to help motivate staff whilst delivering long-term company-wide benefits. 

Corporate Wellness Programmes

Work Place Workshops

Some of the biggest issues affecting productivity amongst workforces today are low energy, high levels of stress, poor sleep and compromised mental wellbeing.


Alicia is highly skilled in addressing these key areas of health. Her one hour, half-day or full-day workshops can take your employees through each of these issues, simplifying the scientific nutrition concepts and translating this into practical advice that will support your employees in making suitable changes.

Corporate Nutrition Programmes

Nutrition programmes run over several months and across organisation’s, progress employees through a series of health stages to reach their ultimate wellbeing goals.


These programmes are designed to both inform and encourage employees to make lasting changes to their nutrition strategies. They can be designed in consultation with Alicia to address the areas of health most pertinent to your workforce.

Workplace Food Demonstrations

As an established development chef, who has created healthy & delicious meals for the likes of Wholefoods, Abel and Cole and Vibrant Vegan Co, Alicia is at home sharing her knowledge and advice, whilst demonstrating simple recipes designed for busy people.


These short demonstrations are akin to mini TV cookery programmes with a forum for questions throughout.

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