The Sunshine Vitamin. Are you getting enough?

The Sunshine Vitamin 

Summer already feels like a distant memory, replaced by dark skies and raindrops. During the changing of the seasons, it’s really common for people to start coming down with colds, flu and generally not feeling their best. But why is this?

Well, there are lots of reasons. But a big factor that I’m going to discuss today is Vitamin D.

Vitamin D is best synthesised by the skin, when it comes into contact with UV from the Sun.

Now technically Vitamin D is not a vitamin because we can make it ourselves - humans can synthesise it in the skin when we’re exposed to sunlight. For lots of people in the world, this is the main source of vitamin D produced and no supplemental sources are necessary. In the Western Hemisphere, we’re not so lucky.

The amount of sunshine we usually get between Oct and April-ish, is not normally adequate for our vitamin D needs.

So what does a vitamin D deficiency feel like? Weakened immunity, fatigue, low mood, muscle pain, slow wound healing and back/bone pain.

Vitamin D is responsible for a vast array of different things in the body, making not getting enough quite a systemic issue.

It’s chief role is in the control of calcium homeostasis - vitamin D ensures that we have the correct amount in our bones and in our circulatory system. In addition, it is believed to regulate up to 1250 genes - from immune function, preventing auto-immune conditions, regulating gut function, anti-cancer and maintaining good blood sugar/insulin balance.

I think we can agree - this is quite important stuff.

So as a vegan, what foods can you find Vitamin D in?

Fortified Plant Milks TofuMushrooms (because they absorb the sunlight, how great is that?) A good quality supplement

I would recommend that during the Winter months, everyone gets themselves a good quality supplement such as Cytoplan Vegan Vitamin D3 drops - taking 8 drops a day under your tongue (this way, it gets absorbs directly into your blood stream). Always ensure your supplement is in a fat-solution because this is a fat-soluble vitamin and otherwise won’t be absorbed properly.

Hope you have a sunshine filled day!

Peace & Love,

Alicia Cooper, DIP NUT.

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